Gymnastics: Christmas Takes Flight

L’Envol Saint-Gaudinois celebrated Christmas. From the youngest to the oldest, gymnasts, whether leisure or competition, were all happy to present their work at the beginning of the season. “We sincerely thank the people who came in large numbers,” says Audrey Loubeau, president of the association. They confirm their trust, loyalty and support. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate the technical teams for their inspections and the gymnasts. shows…”

The steering committee and technical team declared that they were satisfied and happy with this truly successful day. The President continues: “It is important for us to bring together such moments. We are an association with more than 300 members. We do not miss such opportunities to experience our passion for gymnastics and share it with the public. We are still hopeful.” To be able to reorganize the competitions at Saint-Gaudens. For too many years, room availability has prevented us from doing this. Our last competitions were held outside the municipality and outside the community of municipalities… I find this sad, but I do not give up hope that a solution will be found soon. We wish everyone a happy holiday season.”

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