Handball: Is Gers the next best player in terms of discipline after the girls’ world title?

Will the women’s world championship benefit Gers’ handball? Lionel Pouteau, chairman of the Gers committee, and Jean-Marc Verdié, the great pioneer and technician of handball at Gers, speak.

French handball, which was introduced as the most internationally successful French team sport with 6 men’s world championships, 3 Olympic and European championships, came to the fore again last Sunday, this time with the girls’ championship. Les Bleues did indeed win their third world title. This contributes to their Olympic title.

A good example for the boys and girls of Gers handball who live this sport with passion. There are more than a thousand people practicing the sport in around ten clubs, including the three that develop at the highest regional level, Auch, L’Isle-Jourdain and Lombez/Samatan – a number that is increasing again post-Covid.

With this new girls’ title, the health situation will increase even more, but above all, the promise for the future of French handball will increase. Lionel Pouteau, chairman of the Gers committee, and Jean-Marc Verdié, the great pioneer and technician of handball in Gers, tell us their feelings.

“Actually, there is not as much enthusiasm as one might expect.”

“Of course I’m pleased, but above all this is something that will continue after the Olympic championship. This can only bode well for joy in August 2024 (for the Paris Olympics, Editor’s note). They played all the matches as they should,” admits Lionel Pouteau .And let’s continue: “It is of course positive for Gers handball, but its benefit depends on what the federation will give us. Of course, I hope it will bring someone to us as well. However, the championships continue to come, but in fact there is not as much enthusiasm as could be expected… Of course, they are important for Gers handball players and their impact is greater.” “We always have the hope that it will be great. We are working for it.”

“This French team has made huge progress. Their weakness was the placed attack. They had very good defence, effective ball attacks. The game was developed in attacking play, in placed attacks. And they have an excellent bench. That’s what made the difference against the title holders Sweden and Norway “An example of the quality of this bench, the Norwegians’ top scorer was 11 goals. The top scorer for EDF is 7 goals, but we still come out of this tournament undefeated. France have been so dominant that, barring a catastrophe, they will be favorites for the Olympics,” shares Jean-Marc Verdie.

“This is good in terms of discipline in our department, it will help us, but we are in the middle of the season and it is difficult to see children unsubscribing from activities and coming with us. There is no substitute for the Olympics, held in the summer and whose impact is still felt at the beginning of the school year. “But it gives a very good image of women’s sports,” she concludes.

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