Heavy. Recovery of Handball Club Lourdais

Handball Club Lourdais is ending the year in style. Great results were brought from the Basque Country, where the Lourdai once again shined on the ground. A good omen for the new year.

The 3rd round of the Coupe de France took place last weekend

department of our senior men’s team. This round was a 3-team tournament with the winner advancing to the knockout round. This tournament took place in Anglet with Saint-Pée ​​Union Club, Anglet Biarritz Olympique Handball and therefore our HBCL senior team.

Amid the excitement and motivation, the senior group has seriously prepared for this tournament throughout the past week under the management of their head coach Juan.

This seriousness was felt directly against Saint-Pée ​​​​Union Club and the first half was controlled with a score of 10 to 6 for our Lourdais as we returned to the locker room.

The second period was a continuation of the first period, especially with the solid defense and the firing of the two goalkeepers, and a 23-17 final victory was achieved.

In the second match, Anglet Biarritz defeated ST-Pée 23-18. That’s why Lourdais played in the final against this team.

The match started very well for our seniors, they won 4-0 in the first 5 minutes and 14-8 in the first half. The second half continued at the same pace, with a score of 5-0 after the first minute. 6 minutes, final score and 27-14 victory… Thus, our senior students qualified for the 4th round of the Coupe de France!

Next meeting in early 2024

This tournament allowed us to showcase a united and homogeneous group with great goalkeepers, an extremely solid defense and a terribly effective attack.

The next round will probably take place in January, you can find all the information about the next match on the club’s Facebook page, Instagram page or in our next press release. HBCL wishes its readers a happy holiday season!

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