“I was 7 years old when my father died” at Lacapelle-Biron rugby club

Old rugby. Thomas Boucharel, a 20-year-old young prostitute from Lacapelle-Biron, follows in the footsteps of a father he unfortunately barely knows. The club’s alumni are always there to support him, tell him stories, pass them on…

There are stories experienced as a trace, implicit transfers, an intense and indispensable legacy. The 20-year-old young actor, who learned from the 4 Canton agreements at ASC, is following in the footsteps of his father, Pascal Boucharel “Boucha”, who died in the prime of his life.
“I was 7 years old when he died.” I came to all the matches with him. I watched him a little bit, but I played with my friends on the sidelines. Thanks to them like Bastien, Romain, Charly and Valentin, I started playing rugby again. I stopped because I was so upset. “I play with them now in Lacapelle, which is my second family,” admits Thomas, “Toto” to everyone.
This calm, careful but determined young man, a brave prostitute, sees friendship as the standard, the driving force for living, growing. “His father also lived for rugby, for the bonds of friendship that could move mountains. “I took him under my wing, in the second line team, he was a force of nature,” says an emotional André Dupart, with his wide frame and powerful words. “In Thomas I find his father’s qualities and values, his struggle, his determination. But calmer. He’s a good kid who I want to protect just like I protected his father. »

“His DNA is deep in my heart.”

The third halves are the time for Thomas, “Dédé” and the third man, Henri Duluc, to get closer and discover each other with secrets and anecdotes. “They find my father’s features, gestures and movements in my face and physique. “There are even people in the club who misunderstand and call me Pascal,” smiles Thomas. So I get to know him better, I follow in his footsteps, but from another perspective: It motivates me and makes me proud. Every match I wonder what he will think of me. I represent him in my rugby. His DNA is deep in my heart. »
Wearing the jersey his father wore, Toto feels good in this team with his friends and experienced players who are “going to the top”. He who likes to attack, live in contact with others, progress together, work on the smallest details and “especially get in touch”, wants to “get to the top level this season”. With passion and sacrifice as legacy.

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