Jegun basketball players are on the streets to sell their calendars

Everyone, young and old, was there from 9 am. They responded to SAJ basketball president Patrick Despax’s call to sell the Jegun basketball club’s 2024 calendars. They all had a hearty breakfast served by volunteers who were always there. Quite satisfied, they took the direction of Jégun’s paths and roads in groups of two. Motivated and determined, they traveled for miles all morning to deliver as much of their valuables to the Jégunoises as possible.

We followed U17 players Alian, Yannis, Célian, Lino, Gaspard, Mathis, Joél and Antoine, who never missed a club match. One block, one existence, they live only on basketball. They participated in this annual operation and returned tired but happy and proud.

All attendees gathered around a well-stocked table to enjoy a well-deserved meal.

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