La Rochelle got some fresh air by beating Stade Toulouse in a ‘remake’ of the last final

It doesn’t taste like revenge, but it’s a victory that La Rochelle won without being asked. The losers of the last final of the French rugby championship defeated the heavily overhauled and almost non-attacking champion team Stade Toulouse 29-8 for the 11th team on Saturday 30 First 14 days.

The Rochelais, whose confidence had recently been halved, returned to inevitable success to extricate themselves from the danger zone, and the reunion between the two tenors of French rugby six months after the last Brennus was rewarded was particularly worthwhile. A debauchery of fights punctuated by a few initially unproductive flashes before Ronan O’Gara’s men found the right fuel just before the break.

The reigning champions had decided to leave their managers alone for the trip to the Atlantic Coast, where only one French globalist, Julien Marchand (11 minutes against New Zealand), was present. Desire and enthusiasm ultimately turned the difference in favor of the latter, without insulting the Haut-Garonne second stabs, who responded to the physical challenge imposed by the Maritimes for half an hour despite their great lack of discipline.

It took some time for the arguments to kick in, well-started by a penalty try that punished the sixth visiting foul in 13 minutes, solid defensive error and minimal risk-taking error. Then everything cleared up three minutes before the break. After the winning charge from 50 metres, Dillyn Leyds, with his lonely, sweaty hands, refocused UJ Seuteni’s strike and Levani Botia, who smashed his pass towards the third line, finished the match (38)to).

Peaceful return of Grégory Alldritt

Deflandre had no time to enjoy it when young winger Nathan Bollengier caught Baptiste Germain’s pass on his first start and raced to make it 24-3 at half-time, leaving his attacking bonus in his pocket.

Then it was time to secure this property, almost in the same scenario as the first act: Rochelais pushing by hitting, Toulouse residents making a mistake and the penalty quickly played by Hugo Reus, transferred by Teddy Thomas and Brice Dulin, Leyds playing Ange Capuozzo in the fourth made the attempt (50)to).

Under these conditions, third-row Grégory Alldritt can calmly return after the two-and-a-half-month break after the World Cup, the name is being called and the aura is already meaningful, but his excess does not allow further punishment of Ugo Mola’s men who will be hanged. They continued to stay below the 30 points they earned with their own means and saved the honor with Clément Vergé in second place after the siren.

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