Labastide-Saint-Pierre. The tennis club once again caught the ball at the net

Throughout the year, players benefit from favorable conditions at the fields of six municipalities.

Yellow balls follow each other on the field and reflect daily efforts. With accuracy and courtesy, it was necessary to focus on the results on the occasion of the year-end general meeting of the Labastide-Saint-Pierre tennis club. Members listened attentively as President Ludovic Fournier detailed the main points on the agenda in the clubhouse at the stadium in the center of the village. The club stands out for its location in Labastide-Saint-Pierre, Bressols, Orgueil, Villebrumier and Reyniès, where courses are held several times a week. It is necessary to underline the quality of the interventions of sports trainer Sébastien Lapena, who offers enhanced sessions thanks to his full-time position. Nearly 200 license holders always meet this whistling ball in the air with strength and skill. “The activity we proposed has been a great success, it is truly rewarding,” said President Ludovic Fournier. The balance sheets presented are convincing, the team results promising, and so is the accounting and budget approach offered by treasurer Nathalie Fournier.

Structuring projects

Forehand or backhand, all shots resist the racket. Participants excitedly talked about the many projects for the year that is about to start, including the conversion of outdoor lighting to LED system in Labastide-Saint-Pierre and the tracing of lines. “Remember that the algae must be completely cleared in Villebrumier, this is an important job,” the President underlined. The Labastide-Saint-Pierre clubhouse will be renovated with new paintings, an example of unwavering municipal support.

“I thank all the volunteers for their work,” insisted Mayor Jérôme Beq, who also recalled potential allocations from the district council to purchase jersey sets.

Such is life on the internet; The traditional end-of-year trip to Argelès-sur-Mer, with fitness or team-building days and Christmas snacks on Wednesday.

When we get close to a tiebreaker, may the best man win!

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