Land on the right foot with the right crampon

Some things should be clear during midseason evaluation: USMGP is last in the class. But the last one without the stupid face. The USMGP is determined and shows energy, but those are not always enough qualities to get by in a tough bracket with legion of contenders for four qualifying spots. There are actually 6 names competing for them: Maubourguet (1st, 37 points), Pouyastruc (2nd, 35 points), MCS (3rd, 30 points), Vic-Fezensac (3rd, 30 points), Lectoure (5th). , 29 points) and Muret (6th, 25 points). And only crumbs remained for the other players who played with a knife to their throat every time; the aim was to avoid relegation to Region 2 at the end of the season, in mid-March, a fate reserved for the bottom two. Related: Condoms (7th, 16 points), Val

One victory per hour

If we look a little closer at the results of the start of the season, the USMGP has been in dry dock almost since day one. It was a victory over condoms (20 to 14). Since then, draw at home against MCS (30 to 30), away at Pouyastruc (14 to 22), at Val XV (13 to 19), at Vic-Fezensac (18 to 12) and 4 defeats in Condom. (53 to 35); and two defeats “at home”: to Muret (16 – 33), to Lectoure (15 – 26).

Optimists will point out that the USMGP has two games in hand despite being at the bottom of the standings. Reception of leader Maubourguet (January 28) and trip to Coteaux de l’Arrêt (February 25). These are actually potential points available to President Patrick Capelle’s players; These are also two high risk matches for Rouge et Noir, especially since these two late matches will significantly increase their schedule as they will have to play 9 matches in a row without breaks or rest.

But nothing is impossible. If Condom looks on track to save his head, Val XV and Coteaux de l’Arrêt aren’t much better than the USMGP. For this reason, a championship with 3 teams participating is taking shape. For this reason, the young people of the team have now started to accumulate experience that should be used in the best possible way. Although we have to do without Anthony Grenier (suspended) for a while, the injured Yannick Peuvion and Anthony Fournié will eventually return to the field; Their contributions can be significant, as Alexandre Thore and Florian Laigneau have just done. Still, all eyes are on Pouyastruc’s recovery and reception. It’s a very important match.

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