Leopards still looking for first success

Inexperienced young Villeneuve players are currently at the back of the championship. The aim of 2024 is to achieve some victories, but above all to prepare for the future in the best possible way.

The seasons follow each other and unfortunately are similar for the Leopards of Aquitaine. After a nightmare final season with only three successes, we were hoping that 2023-2024 would be a little more productive and a little less difficult for a group that worked hard during the summer preparations.

Unfortunately, the first two meetings of the new season, in Toulouse and in front of Lézignan, within range of the “green-whites”, ended in two defeats, one of which came from the field against Audois at Max Rousié. This is not the start coach Constant Villegas and his assistant Halim Moualkia dreamed of. “We lacked success and technical mastery at the end of the match, but at the same time we showed some cunning in the first two games,” said the Villeneuvois coach a few weeks ago.

Coupe de France restarts on January 7

The problem is that defeats have continued at the leading club since this period and young players lack experience in competition at this level, despite their good will and courage on the pitch. Add to this the coach players who were injured until January (Thomas Lasvenes, Damien Gautier), the foreigners who could not stay for long (Meafua, Tuivati) and you will easily understand why one of the most successful French clubs is currently last in the elite 1 with nine defeats. The last one is a row in front of Carcassonne after the golden point.

The club’s goal in 2024 is to raise its head, continue the fight and achieve some victories. The Coupe de France, which will start at Lescure Tarn on January 7, may also be a new source of motivation for the “green-whites”, who will have to grind their teeth again this season while waiting for a better tomorrow.

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