Maxi-Verte, mountain bike trips: A productive year 2023 for cycling tourism in Gers

The FFvélo cycle tourism department committee (CoDep 32) met in Simorre on 16 December for its year-end general meeting. Opportunity to evaluate the shows in Gers in 2023.

The general assembly of the Cyclotourisme FFvélo Gers Section Committee (CoDep 32) was held in Simorre on 16 December and representatives of 23 Gers cycling clubs met. President Lionel Saint-Martin opened the General Assembly by thanking the guests, especially regional advisor Séverine Carchon and Jean-Jacques Cassou, who praised the vitality of CoDep and its numerous initiatives and actions. The French Walking Federation and the Cardiac Cyclos Association were also present. Volunteering was central to the moral report; it emphasized members’ commitment and encouraged succession.

Volunteering was central to the moral report; Of course, I offer my sincere thanks to everyone who works to keep the clubs alive, and at the same time I hope that the “next generation” will emerge.

Representatives of 23 Gers cycling clubs were present at this general assembly.
CoDep 32 Cycling tourism

The commissions presented their reports highlighting the importance of the MTB commission. Organization of Maxi-Verte in Samatan in May 2023. Treasurer Francis Le Bailly commented on the figures in the CoDep and Maxi-Verte reports, which were all accepted unanimously. Projects for 2024 include education, a bicycle tour with a caravan and, most importantly, a 5-day bicycle tour to Paris. This will be part of the big event organized by the French Cycling Federation (Ffvélo) to mark the Olympic year. The marches organized by the clubs (16 throughout the season) attracted attention.

Françoise Saint-Martin was awarded

On this occasion, CoDep wishes to highlight the 3 clubs that participate in the marches the most every year. This year these are the clubs Masseube (CTM Massylvain), Gimont (Etoile sportif gimontoise) and Saint-Clar club (Cyclo club Saint-Clarais). Each received a coupon from a Giant bike dealer.

Federal awards were also given to certain licensees, including Georges Maurette of ES Gimont. Françoise Saint-Martin, who was secretary of CoDep 32 for nearly ten years, received a bronze medal in Youth and Sports, a distinction that honored her 40 years of volunteer work.

As a result, different people present talked about this AG and noticed the vitality of CoDep with its numerous initiatives and actions. The session ended with a very intimate aperitif followed by dinner.

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