Montauban. A dangerous journey for pandas

Aingirak Euskadi-Pandas is in Hasparren today, Sunday, at 15.00.

More than a month after their home campaign against the reigning French champions Catalan Dragons, the Pandas are finally finding their way back onto the field. The program includes a dangerous journey to the Basque Country to face the Aingirak Euskadi team; It will be difficult to maneuver on its own field thanks to its experienced team, but it is an opponent that has managed to get stronger since the beginning of the season. Both international playmakers promise to overcome a Montalban team that is still unbeaten at 3/3 since the start of the season. The pandas have been warned and are expecting anything but a leisurely stroll in the beautiful Pyrenees. After a well-deserved break after this excellent start to the season, the team from Montalban restarted the group with the dynamics and demands that have characterized training since the beginning of the competition. However, coach Maxime Chatain regrets this long break and is very cautious about today’s rivals who may disturb the teams he patronizes. An ideal restart match for the Pandas to get back on track in the second championship block, which promises to be sustainable and exciting. Fortunately, the three players managed to get back into the rhythm of the match after winning the last “Match of Origins” with the western selection at Saint-Herblain (44) last weekend. Regulars Lionel Alazard and Nicolas Lemaitre, accompanied by young recruit Miguel Duran, managed to win against the Eastern selection with a huge score of 62 to 37. Everyone shone in this match approaching international standards and so it bodes well for Montalbanais, who are on the verge of the restart of the Championship.

Group. For this risky journey, Max Chatain will rely on the entire Elite 1 group, which will be at full strength:

E. Chedeville, L. Alazard, R. Pereira, N. Lemaître, Y. Martin, V. Rose, J. Seixas, M. Duran.

Reserve team. He is resting before moving to Biganos on January 21.

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