Montreal. Delivery of jackets to PLM XV rugby school

A very enjoyable ceremony on Friday, January 5, in the city council hall, in the presence of Mayor Bernard Breil and district councilor Chloé Danillon, vice-president for Child Protection and Local Social Action, who came to train PLM XV educators. rugby school very nice protective jackets against the cold.

The rugby school is doing well. Founded three years ago, the company has tripled its workforce. There are 87 children in the categories Baby, U6, U8, U10 and U12, and a new category: U14. The rugby school accepts children from the age of three. The office expanded with the arrival of parents responsible for events and travel organisation. Also coming are trainers, four of whom are currently receiving FFR training and first aid training. Parental involvement is becoming increasingly stronger with the provision of meals and snacks on and off the field. On January 21, rising players will be in Montreal to honor their elders from senior teams during Saint-Vincent’s Day celebrations at the Stade des Plaines. The preparation of the rugby school lottery as well as the tournament to be held in Bram on 20 January are the first objectives of what we have no doubt will be a rich new year for the PLM XV rugby school. Chloé Danillon made it clear that the regional council supports youth initiatives.

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