Montreal. PLM: point before recovery

As the Christmas break is coming to an end, PLM XV players will return to the stadium for this second part of the championship. An excellent first season with only one defeat and only two points difference against the leader Millas. Suffice to say, there’s every chance PLM returns. So, on January 7, the trip to the Catalans on the banks of the Vermeil begins again. PLM winning at home can double. The biggest rugby day will be St Vincent’s Sunday. On January 21 at 11:00 in the morning, the women will play against the Andorran team at the Meadows of Plains. In the evening, he will face Olonzac. The reserves will open the ball at 13.30, followed by senior training. Of course, all matches need to be taken seriously, but PLM can do this and finish in the top two in this group.

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