Montrejeau. Cyclo club celebrates its quarter century

President Amédée Fabbro opened the 25th general assembly of the Montréjeau Cyclo Club. He warmly welcomed the participants and the 1st MP, Philippe Brillaud, before an audience of more than eighty people. It will have a heartfelt thought for those left behind by illness, among others.

“The 2022-2023 season is now over, so it would be appropriate to make an evaluation,” the president begins. “After me, Bernard Maurette will be our secretary and will detail the activities, while treasurer Pascal Ardouin will give the financial report.”

He will thank the office members for their contributions to club life, stating that all meetings of the office are the subject of news in the Club newspaper.

“Last season there was a significant increase in the number of cyclists on our weekly or outdoor rides. Vélo Vacances à Rosas brought together around 90 participants. This is the result of a spirit, dynamics and sporting festivity that takes into account the level of each of us”.

Good participation made it possible to create at least two homogeneous groups so that, despite the effort, each participant was able to enjoy and show off physically a little more than usual.

The evenings will welcome the friendly atmosphere, festive evenings, galette des Rois, new wines, food… Many sharing moments are organized throughout the year.

“This club is your club,” concludes Amédée Fabbrø. “Therefore, his activity and his life concern each of us. So do not hesitate to get involved!”


Bernard Maurette will present a retrospective presentation of the club, which, since its foundation, has been a fully operational club with new developments every year (1st Vélo Vacances, 1st Cycling Grand Prix, membership in the FFC, creation of the mountain bike section, etc.).

2022-2023 season: 49 license holders, 4 of which are new, 36 cards, 3 couriers.

Montréjeau Cyclo Club consists of not only cycling trips but also a large number of events, some of which are financially supported by the club.

Bernard Mauretter points out that Club members cover the following disciplines: cyclocross, cycle touring, mountain biking, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing.

After the positive financial report, an appetizer was served to those present.

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