“My wife will not have the right…” The football player, who listed his future wife’s bans in the controversial video, was fired by his club

Abdel Sidi Yacoub, the phenomenon and football player of the Entente sportif du Pays d’Uzès, was sanctioned after a Tik-Tok post in which he listed the rules that his wife must respect. These remarks reached such proportions that their leaders decided to expel him from the club.

We are tolerant and respectful here. He wanted to create excitement but most of all he hurt the club“, summarizes Ahmed Maharzi. The president of the Entente sportif du Pays d’Uzès did not like the video that Abdel Sidi Yacoub, a player in the reserve team of the Regional 1 club, published on Tik-Tok on Saturday, January 6. The influencer explains what his future wife should and should not do Keeps a summary list.

My wife will be banned from traveling without me (except her brother or father), that’s all. My wife will be prohibited from wearing tight clothing. There is no man looking at my wife’s body. My wife’s body is mine,” are many examples of the strict rules the influencer offers to her 870,000 subscribers.

The post, which was viewed thousands of times, quickly caused controversy and spread throughout the club. Ahmed Maharzi immediately condemned the actor’s remarks. “I was very surprised by this video, I said to myself, what is the story? Of course the club does not confirm any of his comments“, declared the former professional player from Toulouse and Nîmes. The Entente board therefore dismissed Abdel Sidi Yacoub on Tuesday, January 9.

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