National: SCA reintroduces heating blue for restart at Bourg-en-Bresse

SCA travel to Bourg-en-Bresse this Friday evening for their first match of 2024. After a long break, the Albigensians must find the rhythm and, if possible, achieve victory, while the second half of the season will be marked by numerous trips.

It’s always more fun to pop the champagne when you’re a national leader. Sporting Club Albigeois managed to celebrate the new year with 1st place, accompanied by foie gras and seafood on the table. After the year-end celebrations, the Yellow-Blacks take to the field again this Friday evening near Bourg-en-Bresse. The Episcopal city’s players are donning their warm-up blues again, a month after their last match: “Manager Mathieu Bonello admits that the aim was to restart in the best possible way. This break was very long but necessary for the players. They managed to cut it down as needed after a difficult first part of the championship. “

It’s a welcome break, but it could have consequences on the game SCA produces: “When you have a break of more than 15 days it is difficult to get into a rhythm quickly. This first match will act as a test for us to know where we are. Then we will increase the intensity slowly, but not too quickly.” We shouldn’t want to move forward.”

Bourg-en-Bresse, the poisoned gift

The year has changed, but the mentalities have not. As in 2023, the Albigens team remains cautious against all the opponents they face. Perhaps rightly so. After 14 days, Bourg-en-Bresse remained in 13th place. Two years ago in Pro D2, the Bressans were not successful this season. Still, their squad deserves to be in the top 6 and watch out for the reaction of a team that has been idle for a month. Bonello explains: “As always, we focus mainly on ourselves before this trip. When it comes to their rankings, I would not allow myself to judge the results of any team other than mine. What is certain is that “It is still a big part. There is something waiting for us and it will not be easy. “As the end of the season approaches, the matches will become more competitive.”

At the Marcel-Verchère stadium, famous for its atmosphere and enthusiasm, Tarnais knows it is expected. With this win they would be sure to retain their 1st place this weekend.

Maintain iron defense

To conclude the regular phase, SCA will travel seven times for just five receptions. It’s an intense schedule that requires the Yellow-Blacks to earn points from certain outings. The Albigensians can perhaps rely on their defense to achieve a positive result in Ain this Friday evening. It is currently the best in the championship with only 111 points we have conceded since the beginning of the season.

A reassuring statistic, although Mathieu Bonello prefers to look at things from a different perspective ahead of the duel against the Bressans: “Whatever happens, we won’t have to throw everything away. We lose matches away from home. The most important thing will be the content.” ” Because this is a replay match. Afterwards, of course, you never wear cleats to lose.” The people of Aydın are still warned.

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