NBA Paris Match: From 355 to 655 Euros… Many tickets are still on sale on the eve of the 2024 poster Cleveland-Brooklyn

This Thursday, the NBA goes to Paris. The regular season meeting is held in the capital, which has become a tradition in the league for three years. This year the Cleveland Cavaliers will face the Brooklyn Nets. The room was almost full, but it wouldn’t be completely full as there were still a few dozen spots on sale.

Cleveland – Brooklyn tickets are not sold out! A few dozen seats were still on sale at the Accor Arena in Paris on Thursday (20 years), 24 hours before the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Brooklyn Nets NBA poster was released. While they are all sold out in several categories (the first two are the most expensive, as well as 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and those with reduced visibility, the cheapest), some valuable keys remain available in the others (3, 4, 5 and 6). But you will have to pay for it.

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You have to pay for the poster of this stance. The most affordable seats in category 6 are sold for 355 euros each, and the prices of the best seats are also clearly increasing. Located right behind the two baskets, count 425 euros for category 5 tickets and 525 euros for category 4 tickets. Prices (665 euros) increase even more for the last two places in category 3, where there are two exits from the field. Note that sometimes prices vary by as much as 100 euros for places located one row apart.

50,000 connections as soon as the ticket office opens

The first sales took place on November 9, at prices ranging from 80 to 1,875 euros. The most affordable places were pre-sold a few days ago, sparking discontent and controversy. However, this did not affect the enormous success of this sales phase, with close to 50,000 connections occurring within minutes of the ticket office opening.

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Despite some controversy, the 15,000-seat Accor Arena should still be nearly full for this third NBA game to be moved to France. There is no doubt that the hall should be full since “Wemby” next year, the French genius and his team are also expected to take part in the 2025 edition. The enthusiasm, which is already very strong, promises to be extraordinary.

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