New meetings of Lavaur and Montauban

On Saturday, Lavaur FC will host Montauban in the last match. In case of victory, Lavaur and Montauban will be in an ideal position to compete in the high-stakes end of the season.

On Saturday, Lavaur FC leaders are likely to focus their eyes on the weekend weather forecast. They must make sure that the rain forecast in the evening will not interfere with the match between Lavaur and Montauban. The second act of the match, which was postponed for the first time on November 11 due to the flooding of the field, was interrupted after 30 minutes, on December 16, with Lavaur continuing to lead 1-0.

Seriousness and humility

Vauréen’s captain Jérôme Hergault said: “It is true that we had a good start in this meeting, unlike them we had a good start”. “But this is not a good sign, it will not be the same game on Saturday evening. We will have to show seriousness and humility since the beginning of the season to hope to win.” With victory against Montauban, Nabil Moussi’s men would consolidate their position at the top of the standings. And at the end of the season it can claim to be competing for leading roles in Group C of this tight and competitive R1 championship. Jérôme Hergault summarizes: “We are not here to worry, we want to have fun while playing, and the victories and points will come by playing this enjoyable game… without aiming higher.”

Montauban players will not want to put up with this movement and spacing game as they were able to pay for it last December 16th. His wife, who did not attend the meeting in the fog, gave birth on the morning of the match. Montalbanese captain Loïc Laincer believes his team was lucky that the match was stopped. “On Saturday, we will have to play hard to hopefully get the game started. We have a result at home, we shouldn’t wait to score a goal to react!” Tarn-et-Garonnais, who will record the return of the managers for the trip to Lavaur, must achieve a result that does not claim to play in the top tier gradually within two or three seasons. the team is young enough to play in N3.” Depending on Saturday’s result, Lavaur and Montauban will not approach the second half of the season with the same challenges.

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