Odos. MTB cycling division at AG

With numbers still stable (72 license holders, including 17 juniors and 6 females) and a school of still very hard-working young mountain bikers, JSO’s cyclo and mountain bike section remains a dynamic presence within the municipality. As we saw at the general assembly meeting held in front of a large crowd recently. Benoît Delcros, permanent president of Cyclo VTT, was happy to open the meeting.

Presenting the activity report, club secretary Manu Schönhofen recalled the outlines of 2023, in which particularly important events were organised: the bicycle march on May 6, which brought together approximately 200 cyclists; More than 235 recorded night walks for mountain bikers and hikers at the beginning of September (we can already note that those for 2024 are planned for May 4 and September 7, respectively).

It was enough to satisfy and reward the organizers who also mobilized for other events held in the town (Caminade, Pink October).

We will also notice that the mountain bike activities for young people continue: departures from Odos, Hibarette and Lanne on Wednesday for the 7-13 age group; Various routes and excursions to the Hibarette slopes (Casque du Lheris, Monné, Pic du Jer, etc.) for older children on Saturday afternoons.

In the end, we were able to realize that revelry remains the keyword of the cyclo-MTB section, through weekend rides for cyclists, mountain bikers and school lads, but also thanks to the good humor that prevails at the end of the year. The general assembly ended with a traditional friendship drink.

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