Paul Pogba suspended for doping: French football player now earns lower salary than average Frenchman

basis The French midfielder, who tested positive for testosterone, no longer plays for his club Juventus Turin, which has significantly reduced his salary. If you search for “Paul Pogba salary” on the internet, you will first encounter traces of the football player’s former life: “65,000 euros per minute”, “the 18th highest-paid football player in the … Read more

Cahors. Quercy Women’s Rugby is growing

The general assembly of the RQF (Rugby Quercy Féminin) took place on Saturday, February 24, at the Lucien Desprats stadium. The club’s president, Jean-Paul Monferrand, recalled the following objectives in his moral report: “Work hard to develop and promote women’s rugby in the south of the country”. As proof, the creation of a senior team … Read more

Coupe de France: half a century of waiting… What a historic event for Valenciennes to reach the semi-finals

basis After 54 years, Valenciennes FC reached the semi-finals of the Coupe de France and defeated Rouen on penalties (1-1, 4-2) in the quarter-finals, meeting an unexpected fate for the red lantern this Wednesday, February 28th. League 2. A victory rate 3 times higher in the Coupe de France than in the championship. Yes, this … Read more

Paul Pogba’s testosterone test was positive: The French national football player received a 4-year ban for violating anti-doping rules

It was published 29.02.2024 13:06. Degree basis French international footballer Paul Pogba, the 2018 world champion with the Blues, was subject to a very heavy sanction after testing positive for testosterone in September 2023. The sanction fell on Paul Pogba. According to Italian media, on Thursday, February 29, the French player was suspended from football … Read more

France-Spain final in the Women’s Nations League: This crazy statistic (partially) explains Bleues’ defeat

basis The French women’s team lost to Spain (2-0) in the Women’s Nations League final held in Seville yesterday, at the end of the match under the control of the last world champion. The first championship in their history will have to wait a little longer. Last night, the Blues dominated (2-0) in the final … Read more

Cycling agreement: Ufolep department mountain bike championship

At the general meeting held at the end of the year, President Jean-Marc Colon was able to present a positive assessment of the Saint-Projet/Saillagol bicycle agreement. In terms of results, although 2023 was marked by Léa Barthélémy becoming French champion and Martin Cazelles second, victories and podiums followed each other throughout the year in both … Read more

Interclub: Villefranchois happy with points share

It’s the second day of Interclubs for the GBC 12 relay team, who don’t have to travel too much as the second leg takes place at home, in the Tricot gym. On this occasion, all the players available that day responded (Mylène Norotte and Aurore Fillola, Alexandre Laubiès, Raphaël Drob, Simon Leroux and Jérémy Fraysse … Read more

Stadium: Label of the football school

This weekend, the flagship team of Stade Villefranchois Football was off and this Saturday their neighbors were playing in the second round of the Montbazens-Rignac association. He met with his team. Faouzi Ouasti’s men must be confident, like their last encouraging performance against the Espoir leg (2nd), where they lost 3-2 in the final seconds … Read more