Pamiers. Christophe Garcia: “The work at FCP is bearing fruit”

FC Pamiers’ sports director “Chris” Garcia evaluates the first part of the season at FC Pamiers. The results are clear and encouraging for the rest of the operations.

What do you think of FC Pamiers’ results in the middle of the season?

The first episode of the season is successful. The football school is running properly with excellent results and as a bonus, a victory for our U 13s in the Trois Clochers tournament, 2nd since its foundation in 2015. Our U14 R is ambushed behind big regional teams like TFC. Good job from Hugo.G and team. U14 T leads with a team of U 13 to prepare U 14 R. U 15 will finish in the top 5, while U 16 T is the undefeated leader and qualified to play for the championship and promotion. Good job from Bruno and his team. U 17 R2 is in 7th place and the club is confident in the squad consisting of Marc.P, Yannis.K and Xavier.Q, who know how to take on the challenge and support the youth in this tough championship. U 18 R2 are in second place at half time, 1 point behind Onet le Château, great job from Kévin.M and Erik.R.

What about the elderly?

Our reserve team is in 6th place in a difficult championship with good teams in the 1st league. Alex.C group and team will play their chances to the fullest in the second half of the season. The team, playing in R3 in the pennants, is in third place at the break after 9 matches, 5 of which are away. The second part of the season promises to be exciting, the group consisting of Jérôme.R and Flo.G should compete for the top of the standings.

How do women behave?

U 15 F finished the first stage in 7th place after a difficult start and the group replaced by Adel, who did a good job. Senior women qualify for the R2 participation group. Bravo Hugo and team. I am completely satisfied with the results achieved in the middle of the season, the work carried out is bearing fruit,” said the sporting director. I would like to thank the head of children’s football, Richard Sangarne, who has done an outstanding job, and all the educators who respect the club project and do everything they can to help our little ones progress, always in a good mood in sporting and social environments. friendly spirit..

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