Ploquin, les Bleuets, next to the Roc

In addition to his role as Roc coach, Yohann Ploquin continues to serve as the goalkeeper coach of the France U21 team. As an international window opens on Monday, focus on his role at the Bleuets, where he is experiencing his best feelings as a player in his country’s cage.

QIf you are in the French team you don’t really realize it at the moment. You are not tall enough. It’s later. When you stop your career, you say to yourself: “Damn, I still participated in the Olympic Games!”. So when you put on the blue-white-red fabric again, when you listen to the Marseillaise again, all the memories of the competitions come back at a certain moment. You will have a second youth. “This is priceless, it feels so good.” When Yohann Delattre, coach of young French players under the age of 21, offered Ploquin, this time another Yohann, to become his goalkeeper coach in September 2019, Ploquin did not hesitate for a moment. The temptation to put the rooster back on your heartstrings is strong, ten years after he last did it as a former France goalkeeper.

“At the time I was an order collector for a textile company. The head coach of the U21 team called me and asked me what I was doing at the time and whether it was possible to combine my job with going to courses and competitions. I said yesYohann remembers Ploquin with four years of history. “I was looking for a project, but the sports season had already started, so it worked out well.”

Double hat close to Ruthéno-Castonetois’s heart

This adventure with Les Bleuets since 2019 accompanies him in all his projects, whether professional or personal. There’s no putting it aside for Yohann Ploquin. “I have never compromised on this. The club presidents have always understood that this allows me to progress, develop, gain experience. I learn every time I go to training. Discussions from the beginning are always one of the first” Criteria: “Yes? No? If you do not accept, I will have to decline the position, regardless of the offer. But so far I have never been rejected.”

His signing for Rodez-Onet is no exception. “It will enable us to establish ties with the Federation”President Benoît Courtin was delighted when the arrival of his new coach became official in April.

“There is real people-watching.”

And also, the schedules of his two missions do not overlap and are therefore completely compatible. As evidenced by the international window that will open on Monday at the same time as the new year (read opposite)The Roc players, who are currently first in their group, are on leave and will only continue the championship on February 3 with a trip to Loire-Atlantique and Bouguenais (8th).

Among the different truces, Yohann Ploquin is not cutting ties with the Bleuets completely. “I follow the kids. They have my number, they call me if there is a problem. I have the opportunity to watch their games and when we have time, we report on their performance, their emotions. There is not only statistical monitoring, but also real human monitoring. When I see them, I like to ask what they have done in the last three months.” I refuse. They need someone to follow them. They know they are being watched. (Laughs)So it’s up to them to perform.”The French coach explains.

Ploquin continues: “Yohann (Delattre) It leaves me completely free from my actions and deeds. As for the guards, I have complete autonomy. Even though he has the final say, we are mainly discussing who to hire and who to keep. (His experience as a professional goalkeeper gives him all the legitimacy, Editor’s note). Last year, I realized that apart from the goalkeepers, Yohann really allowed me to express myself in the game, which wasn’t necessarily the case in the beginning. We discuss tactics, daily planning… I know my word is important too. Little by little, I came out of this protective, protective, protective prism.” It’s an opportunity for him to gain even more experience as a coach. And the Roc certainly benefits from this – or will!

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