Pont-de-Larn. Start the new year by playing Padel

To get 2024 off to a good start and celebrate the first anniversary of padel at the Pont-de-Larn indoor venue, the Tennis Club is organizing a friendly padel tournament! This will be the 5th edition of TAP, a friendly padel tournament open to everyone (licensed and unlicensed) to give the new year a sporty start and erase the last traces of New Year’s Eve from events. You can create your doubles team (men’s, women’s, mixed) and challenge each other in a friendly way on the indoor padel court in Pont-de-Larn. The number of teams is limited to 12. Registrations can be made before 27 December at the Mazamet Tennis club building, Pont-de-Larn padel or by SMS to 06 67 96 94 55 (€10 per player).

Tennis, padel: new options from January 8

Starting January 8, the Tennis Club Association Pays Mazamétain offers new “a la carte” options to try and play tennis and/or padel. You can choose the duration of your subscription: 3 months, 6 months or 8 months; Everyone can choose the formula according to their wishes! Information and information from the Tennis Club association Pays mazamétain, 22, bis, avenue De Gaulle, Tennis de La Chevalière, tel. 06 36 14 16 71.

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