Prejudice. Tennis players are in the final stages of the winter cups

At the general assembly meeting held last October, the Bias tennis club passed the torch to the experienced duo Alexandra Cote and Teddy Jobit, replacing the president Frédéric Gerges, who was very busy with his new professional careers. A change in the continuity of a sports and festival program that has remained unchanged for several years.

The 2023-2024 season fall competitions started in October with the women’s and men’s +35 tournament organized by the department committee, with TC Bias participating with two teams. While the girls in the 2nd League Group A won the honorary champion title, the matches remained at this level. Our young people competing in the 3rd league could not achieve the same success and came third in the group.

Opposite result in winter cups

It was a useful preparation for the traditional winter cups, the production of which started in November. Here again in the 3rd League, two Bias teams scored the net. For a reversed result compared to the previous one.

In the women’s team, captain Alexandra Cote, Hortense Leclercq, Sylvie Coste, Stéphanie Vinardi, Aurélie Vial, Constance Petit and Sophie Arade recorded wins, two draws and one defeat and ranked 3rd out of 5 in the group final rankings. Their journey ends there. Too bad, because last Sunday in Tombeboeuf a win instead of a draw (2 to 2) would have been enough to take 2nd place and thus advance to the final stage.

Gentlemen proved to be more successful. Teddy Jobit, Sébastien Chesnais, Guillaume Jobit, David Maurin, Marc Mondon, Mickaël Albert and Hervé Houdin reached the quarter-finals with two successes, one draw, one defeat and 2nd place out of 5. It will be played next January.

Let us also add that the photovoltaic panel installation project on the Loustalet courts continues.

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