Pro D2: Colomiers will need to add watts!

Facing a Béziers team that is currently excelling in all respects, Columérins will have to reproduce a match that is at least as convincing as the one against Nevers to get through in the opener of day 16 of Pro D2 on Thursday evening.

Never change a winning team. You know the formula. Julien Sarraute and his team opted to renew the winners of Nevers (28-3) this evening, with one exception: Mathis Galthié, as a substitute, replaced his assistant in attack, Ugo Séguela, at the kick-off. For the remainder, the Columérin coach chose to leave with a group of 21 identical players; Perrin and Kolokagi replaced Laborde and Simutoga on the bench.
So confidence was placed in a team that performed so consistently last Friday, dominating a team from Nevers with an attacking bonus for eighty minutes. Not forgetting to underline the very strong defensive performance of Columérins, who took control of the best Nivernaise attack before kick-off. And in whose favor did he lose this status… Béziers, who corrected Aurillac (54-14 and 8 tries) and presented this evening at the Bendichou stadium with all green lights: 2nd in the championship, 1st attack and five wins in a row on the clock continues!

Marques-Storti, the hellish duo

“They are confident and they are not second in the standings for nothing,” says Julien Sarraute of Biterrois, who treads water a bit like their winger Raffaele Costa Storti, who authored four tries that took his total against Aurillac to thirteen. eight matches!
The Portugal international shines like his Lusitania teammate Samuel Marques, powered by an outstanding World Cup. “On cloud nine. His arrival changed everything at Béziers,” says Julien Sarraute when asked how he analyzes Béziers’ rise since the drop.
With Samuel Marques at the helm, Béziers found his chief, and since 13 October and Colomiers’ visit, the ASBH had six victories against two defeats. And if Marques is to be on the bench for kick-off, that won’t be enough to make things easier for Columérins, where Héraultais has quality in every respect.

“Superior success in defense”

Anthony Coletta and his team-mates know they need to produce a performance of this quality against Nevers to hope to stand up to their rivals. “Eventually. We will have to play a better game, dominate the defense and leave them with as little ammunition as possible,” warns Julien Sarraute, who is enjoying this top-flight clash. “It’s a very nice poster. Playing second in the championship should excite the players. I want to see the competitors. Everyone must elevate their individual performance in the service of collective performance. » And the Columérin coach said: “We must be excited and enthusiastic! This is a big challenge that awaits us. » The kind of match to be played against the big names that Columérins love. Ask Vannes, Brive or Nevers what happened to Bendichou visits…

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