‘Prove that we are in our place’: Decazeville winger Joran Vidal was adamant before signing Malemort

It is the turn of Joran Vidal, who has been a winger of the Sporting club Decazevillois for several seasons and who comes from Gaillac, to give us his impressions of this first half of the Fédérale 2 championship and the rest against Malemort this Sunday.

What do you think of this first phase?

The first match is satisfactory with the second place at half-time. We managed to score points at home and remain undefeated. The negative point for me is that I could not bring any points from the first two trips.

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Your last match against Riom proves that your game has picked up, right?

Yeah, I think we can get our game together now. It was an interesting game because there was a lot of connection between the front and the three quarters. We managed to play well together and that gave a good result. Now we will have to prove this in the return phase.

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Ten attempts were entered that day, five of which were from you. Is this a great satisfaction?

Honestly yes, I am very pleased. Of course, it doesn’t happen every weekend. Later, if I scored so many goals, it was because of the hard work of the whole team and especially the front eight, who outperformed their Rio rivals in all areas, especially touch and possession.

A quick word about the comeback phase. What do you feel?

We’ll get more at home, so it’s up to us to do what we need to do to get as many points as possible. We are above our target compared to the targets at the beginning of the season, but the slightest bad result in this group can quickly cause us to lose many places in the rankings.

Welcome to today’s qualification candidate Malemort. How do you approach this?

With great seriousness. I think everyone remembers the first game (36-15 loss, editor’s note), we were definitely not good in that game, but we fixed it. They have achieved good results since the beginning of the season, it is up to us to show and prove that we are in our place in this group.

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What are your wishes during this wish period?

First of all, I wish everyone a happy 2024. On the sporting side, we must continue our invincibility against Camille Guibert and finish the season at the highest level possible.

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