REPORT. Rugby League Villefranche: “The second half of the season could be more difficult”

David Collado, the coach of the team that is still undefeated in this first half of the season, wants to continue this good dynamic to reach the Elite 2 final, which was the goal set at the beginning of the season.

The team is first and undefeated. Are you satisfied with this first part of the championship?
Wolves coach David Collado: We are happy to have such a start to the season. The result is quite positive. This confirms the preparation and seriousness of the team. There are still some irregularities. We had some good matches and some not so good matches.
So is it so?
In terms of attitude and investment, everyone is fully involved and I’m happy with that. Sometimes we give a little fish to the collective and rely on our individuality. We are not defeated, but there is a risk that the second stage will be more difficult. We have a busy schedule in January with 5 matches (French Cup and late match).

David Collado, Wolves coach.

In this first part, you managed to get ahead of your competitors, especially Ille-sur-Tête (2nd) and Villegailhenc (3rd).

In this second stage we will play with our direct rivals and everything will be much more complicated. There is not much difference (See Elite 2 rankings) and nothing is done. A lot of investment will be required.
The Elite 2 final is the goal set at the beginning of the season. What about promotion to Elite 1?

We will decide at the end of the season. We’re not there yet and we continue to focus on getting to the finals and having a great season. The club is restructuring and there is still work to be done.

“We are happy, but we are having a little difficulty with the team”

This season you are counting on three young players from the Toulouse Olympics.
The agreement we made with Toulouse Olympqiue will allow us to strengthen our squad, especially in the wing position. These are young people who bring quality to the squad and also enable us to strengthen it in numbers. This helps give them playing time and experience for future seasons in the Elite 1.

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You will play on January 7 Round of 16 in the Coupe de France Against Saint-Gaudens (Elite 1). How will you approach this match?
We will attack very seriously against a better team. This is a plus in terms of experience of playing against an Elite 1 club, it can help us a lot in the second half of the season. The result is not important, but setting the tempo is important.

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