Revel-PSG in Coupe de France: Revel president Didier Roques assures: “We won the first match”

He never showed up to answer questions because he was so busy the last few weeks. Didier Roques, the sensible and serious president of US Revel, speaks before this historic match for his club.

Mr. President, do we think that you have just experienced a period where the joy of work is intertwined?

Yes, right after the draw the priority was to decide where we would play. The choice fell on the Pierre Fabre stadium in Castres, even though looking back we undoubtedly would have filled a larger stadium. For a few reasons: It’s closest to Revel and we have connections to the city. We love this stadium, the people are close to the players, it’s a little cauldron. We will be home! It is a choice that is sometimes criticized but completely accepted. We have no regrets.

Are you aware: Revel-PSG?

An official Revel-PSG match is amazing. The sky fell on our heads (laughs). We are talking about numbers that exceed us; In the winter we sometimes play in front of 100 spectators. In the previous round we played against Blagnac in front of 1000 people, it was already huge. We need more than 160 security guards there for this match. Usually when we play we only need 4 delegates! But we adapted.

How did ticket sales go, was it a bit complicated?

CO helped us. Now that every place has been allocated, I can say that we can breathe easier and see more clearly. This is the final stage but everything is going well. One of our ideas in the organization was to make the prices affordable, to give privileges to our licensed people and to ensure that every member and close friend of the club can take their place. We also contacted local associations that work especially with children in difficult situations and wanted to include them. As for the neighboring football clubs! Even if it means making less money with ticketing. We really wanted to include the entire region in our happiness. Because this match is so fun!

Are you a happy president today?

I think we already won our first match: we wanted to give a good image, we wanted people to talk about the club and the city. I think it is successful. We conveyed a friendly image that resembles us. We are happy with what is happening. Later it will be a sports field, but that is something else. In any case, many people are now putting Revel on the map of France!

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