Revel-PSG in Coupe de France: “We will be seen and heard!” : Revel supporters’ promise

Tim, Louis and Simon, Revel Supporters Kop, are behind the creation of Forza Rossa. A few days before the match, they talk about how to excite Pierre Fabre.

“We don’t want to be seen as peasants!” Simon, Louis and Tim talk with laughter. Wide smile, down jacket from the Revel club, the three young men are already engaged in “their” match. “Even though we are proud of our campaign,” Tim is quick to add. Simon and Tim play on the 2nd team at US Revel. Louis is a friend. All three have kicked off the ball for Forza Rossa fans since 2 French Cup matches. “It started as a joke,” remember the three kids. However, this became much more the case in the previous round with the home game against Blagnac (N3) and the draw with PSG.

DIY and resourcefulness

There are no sales at Revel: no scarves, jerseys, flags or banners. So Louis, Simon and David started the D system. “We do this with the means we have. All traders, from printers to tailors, help us.” The club and its president also played the game to the end and provided financial support. A project to create something from scratch. “We did great things in the Blagnac game on December 9th,” Tim recalls: “But this is PSG, we want to do more during the match and also when the players arrive.”

“We are at home”

The three Revelois hope to lead the northern position they will be in, thanks to the powerful forces of the Kop. “We have planned a few songs that are also on Instagram Forza.Rossa. We invite those who will be in the North stand with us to go and check it out!” Because if the match will pit amateurs against professionals on the field, this will also be valid in the stands; Parisian fans are known throughout Europe for their performances. Simon admits: “We expect to be impressed by the enthusiasm of the Parisians, but we are at home. “We will be heard, we will be seen,” the young man promises.

Reinforcement of CO supporters

“And then,” adds Tim, “it’s the only time in our lives we’ll ever do that. We’re on TV, too, we want to do things well. The pressure is sure to increase.” For this purpose, System D produced 10 large flags and one very large 3×3 meter flag for Forza Rossa. They will also have a lot of drums, with a nice support from the Castres Olympique fans, and they are preparing a tifo for the players to attend. Finally, they produced banners that were humorous as well as encouraging, and that they promised would not be revealed to them.

Inevitably for these early fans, we hope for victory with “Riter’s header in the 85th minute”. It’s been recorded. This match will be a big celebration anyway, as they “look forward to more than Christmas”: “We’re going to make a mess,” Tim concludes. “But it’s a good mess.”

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