Rodez. “Hang something beautiful”

On Friday, Killian Corredor and his three goals allowed Rodez to overtake Challans’ amateurs (0-4) and qualify for the round of 16 of the competition.

It’s your third easy victory in the Coupe de France. We think you are satisfied…

Yes. There is no match to be taken lightly in this competition, we knew it would not be easy. Here we go, another round. We hope to have the best journey possible!

In the past, Rodez has had difficulty getting out of such matches against amateurs with ease. What changed this season to make it that way (3-0, 9-0 and 4-0 wins)?

I think last year’s big trip made me want to do something this year and maybe we were finally hosted at Paul-Lignon. (Raf played its 25th consecutive cup away game on Friday, Editor’s note). These are not easy matches, you need to take them seriously and kill them quickly. We do this very well in this course.

As you said, the reception at the Coupe de France is overdue. Is this really important to you?

Yes, of course. By going this far… We could not benefit our fans in Paul-Lignon last year. We have a beautiful stadium being built so we hope to be able to host the next round (The 16th round draws will be drawn tomorrow at 19.00.) !

On a more personal note, you scored your first hat-trick in the 8th round at Mayenne. And your second in the next race at Challans this Friday. A very nice start to this journey…

I have legs now and I’m trying to help the team as much as possible. I had scored a hat-trick before, I put one there too… Thank you Andreas (Hountondji) and Clem (Closely) Who gives me goals! I have to continue on this path to help the team.

Your understanding with Andreas Hountondji is becoming more and more effective. How do you feel around him?

It took us time to find automation. A very different playstyle from Clément and Taïryk. (Arkonte), even Soumano, last year. This is very good, we should continue like this to find more benchmarks.

You’d been wearing a strap on your right knee for a few weeks during meetings, which was still the case Friday evening, and you didn’t seem injured. From where ?

I’ve had some discomfort for a while now but it’s nothing serious and nothing can be done. I prefer to wear straps as a simple precaution on soft pitches like here or on busy match days. But I try to avoid it during the week.

At Challans the team returned to competition after the winter break. How are you feeling ?

GOOD MORNING MY BABY. The short week off was good, it was needed. Since the season is long, you need to take days off to recover properly.

When we started training again, we gave the intensity we needed for four days. We were also able to work tactically to work out the small details and move on to 2024 in the best way possible.

Especially since Ligue 2 returns on Saturday at home against Pau…

We want to restart the championship on a good note because we know nothing has been decided yet. All matches will be tough. You must score points as quickly as possible to grab the correct carriage.

What do you expect from this second half of the season?

We can hang something beautiful. Whether in the cup or the championship. We don’t put any limits on ourselves. But we still keep our feet on the ground because we know that the second half of the season will be difficult. We can go higher, but we must not get carried away.

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