Rohan Dennis suspected of killing his wife: Victim’s parents say: “Words are not enough to express our grief”

Victim Melissa’s parents, Peter and Amanda Hoskins, said in a statement released this Tuesday that they are “still struggling to come to terms with what happened.” The cyclist’s husband, Australian champion Rohan Dennis, was charged following the tragedy.

Investigation after death Melissa Hoskins is in a tragic situation, continues, but the family’s sadness does not diminish. On Tuesday, January 2, the victim’s parents published it in a newspaper. forwarded “Words cannot express our grief and the tragic circumstances of Melissa’s death,” they wrote, along with the Australian Cycling Federation, to express all the pain they have felt since that infamous December 31st and the death of their daughter. We are absolutely devastated and still having a hard time accepting what happened.

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The couple then wanted to publicly pay their last respects in writing before their daughter was buried in her hometown of Perth. “We not only lost our daughter and sister, but also the mother of their children,” they continued. He is a free-spirited, big-hearted, patient and joyful person. We must honor his memory so that his children can grow up. knowing who he is, what he represents, and what he gives to everyone who meets him.

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Devastated and admitting they “don’t understand everything that happened”, Peter and Amanda now want to grieve on their own. “We must now deal with our grief privately and will have no further comment. We ask that the media respect our and Melissa’s children’s privacy.” They concluded.

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On Sunday, December 31, the young woman was struck by a driver as she walked on the pavement just feet from her home in suburban Adelaide. According to local media reports, he was dragged for meters after hanging from the car door. He died from his injuries a few hours later in the hospital.

Her husband, a former professional cyclist, was later arrested and released on bail. He is accused of “manslaughter by reckless driving and endangering the lives of others.” The investigation to determine whether he was a volunteer is still ongoing, and special cameras in the area may allow authorities to solve this dark case.

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