Rugby – Federal 2: This is not the time to give up on the Astarac Bigorre Contest

Former Lannemezan coach Patrick Bentayou arrives to strengthen management of the Gers team coming off a worrying run in the autumn of 2023.

It is time for sacred union in EAB XV. The defeats against Bon-Encontre and Nogaro left a bitter taste in Astrac’s mouth, both in substance and form.

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When it’s time to enjoy the Christmas log, Miélan Mirande is now at the gates of the red zone. However, it is a well-acquired relegation place in the British standings. “A new season begins and we begin the trip to Cahors, it will be difficult, but Gimont showed us the example”: Henry Broncan, the ruler of the Entente, was the first to show the example of positivism.

crisis meetings

A few meetings were held inside and things were said. Everyone was eager to fix a very slippery situation. Already active, the Entente will note the return of key players such as Arnaud Bosque, Gauthier Croce as well as opener Geoffrey Rielland. If we add to this Pamiers’ hypersonic winger Bryan Campiño, it starts to look good (the poor Colombian winger actually touched little or no ball at Nogaro).

At the request of Philippe Decotte, Lannemezan will hold several training sessions in the coming weeks, as will Patrick Bentayou, former coach of Bagnères and also of the Entente team, to impart his experience and help the Decotte-Salvi tandem. He attended his first training on Wednesday, December 27th.

This type of intervention was already made with Pierre-Henry Broncan in the autumn, and you should know that Patrick Bentayou and Philippe Decotte are very close, one was the other’s coach in the late 2000s.

A new face to be drawn in 2024

In this 5th group, there are currently four teams at the top of the standings: Lourdes, Saint-Girons, Grenade and Beaumont-de-Lomagne. The fight for the 5th and 6th places is more intense and the Allied States are only 6 points behind Gimont in the 5th place.
In terms of relegation, Oursbelille and Bon-Encontre are behind, but in the return phase, Entente will go to their two rivals.

The Allied Powers’ schedule for January is as follows: trip to Cahors on January 14, meeting Ger Seron on the 21st, and trip to Saint-Girons on the 28th. Remember that the Allied Powers have recorded only one success in the last seven matches. Breakout and breakup dynamics for calendar year 2023.

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