Rugby league enthusiast Bernard Auliac’s new challenge from water carrier to referee

Promotions for “Nanar” have invaded social networks.

After serving as a water carrier for the Villefranche Aveyron XIII club for many years, Bernard Auliac continues his sports career with a new challenge. He will now serve as the referee. Its first performance will take place in Réalmont on January 14, on the occasion of the arrival of Salses.

All supporters of Villefranche XIII Aveyron wish him great success and welcome this “promotion”. Bernard, who came to the red-dark blue club in 2005 and was added to the squad by François Viguier, Nicolas Tranier and Franc Loupias, did not miss any season he served for the club. When this career change was announced, encouragement for “Nanar” flooded social networks in France and Australia!

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