Rugby League: Villefranche’s Wolves travel to Aude against championship 3rd

This weekend’s Elite 2 championship continues on Sunday with Wolves’ trip to third place, direct rivals Villegailhenc Aragon.

Here restart of the championship, this Sunday. And to start hostilities, the Wolves move to Villegailhenc-Aragon. This match on Aude soil will start a block of four particularly challenging matches for David Collado’s players.

Direct competitor

So in the next four meetings, Aveyronnais will travel three times (to Villegailhenc, to Entraigues and to Lescure) for a single reception (Palau). Suffice it to say that this block of matches will be decisive in taking first or second place overall. Aveyronnais and Audeis will therefore find themselves with a strong desire to win this season. Both are at the top of the rankings: Rouergats is the leader, and the suburbs of Carcassonne are in 3rd place.

during their Henri Lagarde came to the stadium At the start of the season, Alexandre Couttet’s men were narrowly defeated by a score of 28-22 and pocketed the defensive bonus point. This Sunday they plan to topple the leader on their home field and thus gain valuable points for the qualification.

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Local players have solid arguments for this. The team shows outstanding experience with the “caps” consisting of Teli Pelo, Tyron Pau, Quentin Nicol, Gregory Delarosa, Valentin Marot and Maxime Banquet. In addition to the young people training at AS Carcassonne this season, Clément Soubeyras, Jean Louis Bourrel and finally Amine Miloudi also joined the squad. It was enough to create a group that will shake up many teams in this second half of the season.
On the Villefranche side, we know that every match in this second round of the championship will be tough. This match at Aude will be quite eye-opening. After their elimination in the Coupe de FranceDavid Collado’s players will return to the reality of the championship. Every point will be taken into account and no gifts will be given.

Rescue the injured

For this meeting, Villefranchois hope to recover their injured players, such as their captain Romain Pailhhares. However, after the good performance in the Coupe de France, the composition of the team should not be shaken.

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