Rugby: Reception of Sidobre-Montagne XV

After the end of year break, it’s time to continue the rugby season with great fun.

This Sunday will be a busy sports day at the André-Lescure Stadium, with the reception of the Sidobre Montagne XV, who lead the group drawn with Avenir Castrais. This should in no way alter the diverse enthusiasms expressed in the single sporting parameter that unites the passion for the game with the effort of everyone…

L’Avenir Monclarais has managed to maintain this special enthusiasm for sport throughout its operations. Therefore, this Sunday will be an opportunity to share both a festive and sporting moment with the fans and those close to the club, who taste the spirit of sharing a collective pleasure on the basis of friendship and solidarity, a little at a time.

Starting from 12:00, you will be served a pre-match meal in the club building. On the menu: cold cuts, veal bourguignon, dessert (galette des Rois), contact: 05 63 93 61 9 (galette des Rois will also be in the children’s snacks…)

The reserves match starts at 13.30 with curtains raised. “One” teams will meet at 15.00. It is now up to the fans to take action to encourage our players in this powerful new challenge. Everyone in the teams contributes by doing their best to ensure that this historical torch, which makes Avenir Monclarais the inheritor of a sporting tradition in which rugby has always been a part of the activity, continues to burn. …today he will have a new face!

Managers, directors, players and various fans here extend their best wishes to the local community and the club’s many supporters.

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