Rugby: The sound of cleats at UCF

Referee training

5 of them, UCF licensed, enter the field with whistles in their hands. Gregory Soubre, Tom Lapalu, Pierre Antona, Flavien Rousse and Anthony Marques recently participated in the training organized for referees from the Comminges group at the MCS facilities. Because they put themselves at the service of others, their priestly devotion is rarely highlighted, but still deserves to be shed on them. Finished !

Young people are in the election

Théo Abadie in Youth and Lilian Baron and Georges Peyronen in Stars passed the third selection round. Thus, they will attend the next training of the CD31 tryouts in order to create the squad list that will participate in the first match at the end of the month. Of course, everyone needs to buy tickets to at least one match during the classification phase.


On Saturday in Bouque-de-Lens, Les Portes du Comminges continues its Region 2 championship by hosting Ras. Toulouse-Montaudran/Ramonville. U16s will compete at 13.45, and U19s will compete at 15.30.

rugby school

Everyone was happy to return to training but the cold was too severe and the session was cancelled: general disappointment! On Saturday, M8, M10 and M12 will hold their 3rd FFR workshop. U14s are starting the second phase of the 10-a-side rugby competition. On the M6 ​​and Bebek rugby side, we will stay at home, nice and warm.

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