Rugby XV: The future regains its colors and values

We will not declare victory too quickly because we have experienced this in the past. However, halfway through the season it is clear that the results are already positive. “Villefranche rugby club president Hugo Nagy smiles. But at the end of last season nothing was won for the Avenir XV. But after the first months of the competition it seems that the club is slowly starting to find the color and values ​​that have been fading in recent times. It looks like it is on the path to renewal, starting with the flag team club showcase: “80 percent of the very young workforce has been renewed “The President explains.”The new squad, consisting of two former members of the club, Sébastien David and Olivier Martin, is doing a remarkable job. He managed to combine the success of the A team with sharing across categories. “. Players who understood this new way of working very quickly and whose results were very promising at half-time: “We are currently in the fourth place in the 3rd Region with 22 points in the group with 4 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses. Our goal is to be in the top 4 and go to the finals. One thing is for sure, the group is living very well and is in impeccable spirits. Around thirty players are present at each training session, the majority of whom train at the club, and the weak points seen last year, the start of play, the touchline and even the attack are being worked on. And it’s starting to pay off, as it did in the last meeting where our performance on the bench was very encouraging. “Today, 36 licensees make up the flagship team, including four juniors and 5 double licenses who come in occasionally to help out. Even better, new players arrive regularly and make up for absences due to injuries or other suspensions.

As for the girls, they always have fun in the green rectangle, even if the additional supervisors do not support them too much. Currently in 5th place in their group with two wins and three losses, the women are trying to do well against teams that bring together many clubs: “All teams fielded by the club are autonomous. A real pride today ” the president reassures.

As for the youngsters and star players, it looks like the stars are finally aligning after a slow start to the season: “The group has been growing by the weeks and the latest results have been positive. Qualification still applies.”

The dynamism of the rugby school

The good health of the rugby school need no longer be proven if the senior classes are slowly re-lightening. All categories are represented there, or almost exclusively because students are missing. Besides the flattering results, festivity is also very important, as was the case with the school Christmas party, which was attended by around two hundred people: “The school is doing very well under the leadership of its director, Jean-Pierre Mazars. The latter was rewarded for his many years of dedication to the club. And then the pennant (again) makes you want it. This is our goal today, to bring together as many former players as possible around the project. Our success will depend on this.” The President concluded his remarks.

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