Security: A rugby champion at the forefront of the fight

Emilie “Chabert” Régis, who became the French rugby champion in the Federal 1 in 2017 with the racing club Narbonne Méditerranée, plays on the security field of the village of Lacroix-Falgarde (31): she is now a “Citizen Savior” and can fight against heart attacks and other “serious and close dangers”.

We met Emilie Regis six years ago at the stadium in the village of Lacroix-Falgarde, a town of 2,000 people south of Toulouse. Émilie, known as “Chabert” from Lacroix-Falgarde, later arrived with her friends and teammates from the women’s XV of the RCNM (Racing Club Narbonne Méditerranée) to present the Brennus shield won at the French championship against Rueil in May 2017. – Bad house. Emilie’s grandfather Robert was also there, proud of his grandson’s performance. He was also a French rugby champion with TCMS (Toulouse Cheminot Marengo Sport) in 1957.

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A new and extraordinary encounter in Lacroix’zet, which hosted the Christmas market and Telethon events simultaneously last week; This time Emilie arrived in a wheelchair, with one leg in plaster, a victim of her passion for rugby.

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A few days ago, 36-year-old ambulance driver Émilie Régis was awarded the title “Citizen Liberator”. In early December, in the presence of elected officials and CCAS, he was given a lifesaving bag, including a defibrillator.

Unexpected cardiac arrest (or sudden death in adults) causes between 40,000 and 50,000 deaths each year in France (ten times as many as road deaths). A third of the victims are under the age of 55.

Experienced first aid worker

In order to combat heart attacks and raise public awareness of life-saving actions, the law of July 3, 2020 defined the status of the citizen rescuer: “A citizen rescuer is any person who provides voluntary assistance to a person facing serious and imminent danger.”

We are all interested in the management of heart attack, which is why during the last board of directors the Lacroix-Falgarde CCAS, in partnership with the association “le Défi du cœur”, offered funding worth 1,800 euros for training and equipment. A citizen of the village, an experienced first aid worker: Emilie Régis.

In case of cardiac arrest, the current survival rate is 5%, mainly due to the response time: To be effective, you must intervene within a maximum of 10 minutes. In case of cardiac arrest, if intervention is performed within 7 minutes, the survival rate increases to 75 percent. However, since the average emergency response time is 13 minutes, only volunteer citizens will be able to fill this time by responding directly on the spot. The geographic location of citizen rescuers is determined through applications triggered by emergency services.

Quick support

Citizen rescuers receive a response notification as soon as they are near the incident, allowing the victim to be treated very quickly. They have equipment (including a defibrillator) that allows immediate treatment until help arrives.

Citizen rescuers also take care of bleeding management etc. It is trained and equipped to intervene in any accident that may endanger the life of the victim.
Being a citizen also means “taking responsibility for ourselves, helping each other, and keeping this struggle especially close to our hearts.”

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