Six months before 2024 Tour de France, Agen announces starting line

The city of Agen inaugurated the starting line of the 13th stage of the Tour de France (Agen-Pau) on Thursday, January 12, on avenue du Général-de-Gaulle. He also announced numerous Grande Boucle-related projects and events over the next six months.

Following a Tour de France preparatory meeting with a team from the Amaury Sports Organization (ASO) held in the town hall on Thursday, January 11, with the participation of local elected officials and representatives of ministerial forces, the Agen town hall opened the starting line on Friday, February 12. “There are exactly 6 months left for the stage that will take place on July 12.”

The mayor of Agen, Jean Dionis, was accompanied by, among others, the stage’s sponsor Philippe Sella, the Departmental Cycling Committee and representatives of the Lot-et-Garonne cycling clubs. Numerous events related to the Grande Boucle will be organized by the municipality over the next six months. “There are two goals: to have fun and celebrate the arrival of the tour and to promote the Agen “bike city”, focusing on all types of cycling (urban, walking, racing, etc.). It also includes the development of cycle paths and children learning to ride bikes. Today Agen’ “Only 4% of the kilometers traveled in the city are by bicycle. This is still too little,” added the city councillor.

Agen will pay more than 230,000 euros for the tour

Jean Dionis also spoke of joint efforts with the Ministry to promote the event, which “could attract 15,000 to 20,000 people to Agen.” “We planned to communicate with one voice with Sophie Borderie, president of the district council of Lot-et-Garonne. Because there is a problem with the promotion of 47,” explains the mayor of Agen. In Lot-et, two phases will form a criss-cross -the Garonne passes through Fumélois, Villeneuvois, Agenais and Abret. “This allows us to show off all the beauty of our department.”

The starting line for the 13th stage (Agen-Pau) of the 2024 Tour de France has been announced.

Jean Dionis also confirmed that the Ministry will financially assist the town of Agen, which will have to pay 230,000 euros before tax (including 90,000 euros as a starting city) to host the world’s largest cycling race. “Sophie Borderie reassured us,” the second said. It’s a tidy sum spent, but it can yield much more in terms of economic benefit. “For Albi, who participated in the Tour in 2019, the city hall states that 3 euros are reported for one euro deposited. But it could be much more,” says Valérie Pitous, the mayor’s private secretary. “We are not immune to a pleasant surprise,” the councilor adds.

“Serra” and “Mercure” hotels helped us a lot in winning the match.”

Because the numbers announced are dizzying. For the two Lot-et-Garonne stages, 4,000 bed accommodations have been allocated, 2,000 of which are provided by the organizer Amaury Sports Organization (ASO). “We lost many ‘event matches’ due to our accommodation capacity. The ‘Serra’ and ‘Mercure’ hotels, which opened in 2023 and added an additional 140 (two 70) rooms, helped us a lot in the Tour de France. Because we were not the first choice in this regard.”

The town hall also gave more details about the route the peloton will take through the streets of Agen. The imaginary start will take place at 12.25 from the start line on Avenue du Général-de-Gaulle. The real start will be given in Roquefort at 12.40 after the 7-kilometer track in Agen.

and Passage-d’Agen. Valérie Pitous explains: “ASO was quite satisfied with the state of the municipal roads, which correspond to approximately one kilometer. There will only be a few holes left to be filled.” The caravan will be parked at Agora and Aquasud on the day of departure. Cycling team coaches will be parked at Cours Gambetta. The streets must be closed the day before, that is, on the evening of July 11, and reopened at around 13:00 on July 12.

Agen town hall does not want to miss the Grande Boucle event. “Our goal is to have a good ASO rating,” he told the city’s elected officials. Why not, with the aim of hosting the women’s Tour de France or Tour de l’avenir in the coming years.

  • Avenue du Général-de-Gaulle, Boulevard Scaliger, train station, Boulevard Sylvain-Dumon, Place du Pin, Cours du XIV-Juillet and Boulevard de la Liberté. They will cross the Garonne on a stone bridge. Event calendar in Agen
  • March 22 : The aim of the tour is for CM1 and CM2 children in Agen schools, with the aim of promoting cycling and sports journalism among young audiences.
  • April 3th : 100 days before the D-Agen Tour
  • Between 9 – 12 May : “National cycling tour”, the national cycling event of the French ASPTT (gathering around 600 cyclists).
  • 25 and 26 May : Fête du Tour, with cycling activities and a popular walking tour between Agen and Villeneuve-sur-Lot.
  • 6 – 8 June : Knowing how to ride a bike, learning to ride a bike, road safety and respect for the environment for Agen students and the general public.

July 12: Start of stage 13 Agen-Pau.

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