Stade Toulousain: fatigue, holidays, management of game time… How will Toulouse prepare for the trip to La Rochelle?

Toulouse needed a lot of strength of character to dominate Toulon. It will still be required on Saturday in La Rochelle, where Stade will travel with a heavily modified team.

This French championship is still brutal. Imagine, Stade Toulousain wins against Toulon at the Stadium and loses its place in the table! The French champion found himself in seventh place despite being sixth before Christmas and was therefore excluded from qualifying.

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The main reason for this is that Bordeaux-Bègles’ offensive bonus allowed the Bordeaux team to get past Toulouse. From then on, you can further estimate the value of this success… However, Toulouse will qualify because they once again play away against Stade Français and Chapter Paloise, the two teams currently ahead.

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Even if Toulouse won the match and lost a place in the standings, they were still entitled to a day off; At the end of the meeting, Ugo Mola decided to give them one more day off. The French champions, who resume on Wednesday, do not resume until Thursday and will therefore have a very light week (two training sessions on Thursday and one practice session on Friday morning) to prepare for the meeting in La Rochelle on Saturday. 9 pm.

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With what workforce? In any case, the team that started against Toulon is not because the squad opted for rotation. Three reasons for this. First of all, the general state of fatigue, which can explain the complete failure of the first twenty minutes of the Stadium, which will have a busy schedule from the beginning of January with the welcome of Lyon in the Top 14, followed by two decisive Champions Cup matches. (A trip to Ulster and a possible “final” against Bath at the Ernest-Wallon. In this case, many international players still need to take leave. And finally, the team will need to reinstate players who have not had much playing time in recent weeks or are currently in a difficult situation.) He needs to start. He is coming back from injuries.

strength of character

It will therefore be a very mixed team, whose performance in both the championship and the Champions Cup will be in line with the European champions and will have even more teeth after the new failure in the final against Stade Toulousain last season. At the Stade de France.

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Therefore, the Toulouse group will need to have a very strong character. That’s a good thing, because it was precisely this strength of character that enabled the Toulouse players to get out of the mess they found themselves in after a completely unsuccessful twenty-five minutes.

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There are multiple reasons for this delay in ignition, but it is mainly due to the great waste of conquest (touch and attack), as Virgile Lacombe explains: “We suffered, and our victory was not great. We found solutions by trying to start over with more basic, simpler things to find collective coherence.” » Therefore, regardless of the team structure, Toulouse must first be present in La Rochelle…

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