Stade Toulousain – Toulon: The jackpot in the stadium?

The French champion, who recently faced the Toulon club that wrote him big cheques, hopes to join the Champions Cup wave and not let the good car go. This Saturday evening at 21.05.

For several years, and especially with the arrival of Bernard Lemaître as president of the RCT in February 2020, Toulousains and Toulonnais have become privileged partners. Friendly relations have turned into practice with pre-season matches (2021, 2022) and, above all, juicy transfers from Ernest-Wallon to Mayol. Those of Cheslin Kolbe (2021) and then Melvyn Jaminet, whose recent deal forced him to wait for the reunion. All for an amount exceeding 1.5 million euros.

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In summer, as in autumn, the Var boss is a bit like Santa Claus for Toulouse residents. We will not forget the “red-black”, on the contrary, they did their best to get Selevasio Tolofua back on his feet last winter. Beyond his success in returning in time to win the Brennus, let him start his Toulon adventure on the right foot despite serious hip problems.

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Clearly, when it comes time to welcome the RCT on New Year’s Eve, the people of Toulouse are dreaming of winning the jackpot again and putting four to five points under their tree after two weeks of being mired in controversy on the European stage. , in favor of a spirited attack (14 tries, 99 points scored) and a revamped defense (4 tries conceded). Since the end of the World Cup, things have been a little less so – especially away from home – in the Top 14, Toulon – narrowly defeated by Exeter and then Northampton – are now second, five points ahead of Stadistes in sixth place is ranked. . “We’re not where we need to be,” admits offensive coach Virgile Lacombe.

Adjust the speed

For a return to mediocrity, this move to the Stadium, the usual theater of big nights, comes at the right time to make you want to exalt yourself against an opponent who has fallen into line but aims to regain his glory. He has not participated in the domestic finals since 2018.

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Lacombe assesses that a feared Var team has arrived well armed and “a bit tougher than what we faced in the European Cup”. “There is no room for a small match in such meetings,” says the former prostitute. We are facing a team that has increased its level of play compared to last season, is second in the championship, has a very strong discipline, attack and, most importantly, great attack. We shouldn’t get into the game of wanting to overplay, score tries and score goals; Instead we must continue to have a good defense and be dangerous offensively. »

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But Lacombe assures with full confidence that the “red-black” contingent “will not change its tune” and will “try to establish a rhythm” because “that’s how we hope to be able to continue winning”. Especially, it will not go unnoticed by Ugo Mola and his team that their team finished the last two matches much better than Pierre Mignoni…

Trend: Toulouse 57% – Toulon 43%

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