Stade Toulouse girls will take a break in Eauze

Stade Toulouse’s elite women’s team will train at a gallop at the Eauze stadium on Thursday, January 4.

On Thursday, January 4, Stade Toulouse’s elite women’s team will come for a small trip to Gers and specifically to Armagnac. Vivadour is sponsored by Stade Toulouse and Ms. Darzacq, communications manager for the cereal group US Eauze, asked if it would be possible for the players to train at a small gallop at the Stade de l’Armagnac from 10 to 11 a.m. They have also offered to work with the Entente de l’Armagnac rugby school and even run workshops with students and young people from 11am to 12pm.

Passage also in basements

Once the sports part is taken care of, everyone will head to Lannepax, or more precisely, to the cellars of Jean-Cavé Armagnac. A good start for 2024, when professional training continues the sports season in Eauze. It will also be an opportunity for the young players to rub shoulders with international players, many of whom are international: Gaelle Hermet, Pauline Bourdon-Sansus and Maelle Filopon are among others who won bronze with the Blues at the last World Cup in New Zealand.

Then, on Saturday, January 27, the challenging field will host two matches where Armagnac U16 and U19 (students and juniors) will face their Bigourdan rivals.

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