SUA cycling school is doing well

The start of the cycling school was successful, with good participation and a large number of projects.

SUA Omnisports’ latest chapter dedicated to cycling has grown to 110 members in less than two years and has no intention of stopping there. With this in mind, and with the aim of attracting young people, he founded a cycling school affiliated with FFC, which was an immediate success. Today it brings together 16 children aged 5-12 and has many projects.

All these little people meet twice a week at Skating, on Wednesday afternoon from 16.00 to 18.00 and on Saturday morning from 10.00 to noon, under the guidance of qualified trainers such as Christian Debonnet, Jean-Claude Ronc, François Talpin, Joris Mercier and Gilles. Cochis. The main concern of those responsible is to respond to the demands of all these young people and their parents. Learning to ride a bicycle in the city and being able to go to school or university by bicycle coincides with the wishes of the city and especially of Jean Dionis…

SUA has a dual project; primarily road, but also cyclo-cross and mountain biking. This is currently ongoing but the other, more ambitious project is to work with schools and colleges on “Knowing how to drive”. The city of Agen is a partner in the project and will benefit from the arrival of the Tour de France in Agen next summer. National education is also participating in the operation, which started at Chaumié college, through Regional Education Advisor Serge Levaufre.

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