TCSG is in the semi-finals of Gan competition

The players and teams of the Tennis Club Saint-Gaudinois were starting again this weekend. A men’s team participating in the Laffont challenge consists of:

Mathieu Norguet, Étienne Vardon and two new players, Yanis Pene and Léon Besancenot, were expected to arrive in neighboring Montreal. The competition was an opportunity for him to integrate two youngsters from the club into a team whose experienced captain had a lot of work to do to curb his teenage exuberance! The task was very difficult for the two young Saint-Gaudinois, who lost their matches in two sets each. Étienne also had a complicated match, losing quite heavily in two sets as the exchanges were close and the games were contested. In the end, captain Mathieu won his own match with peace of mind, despite a slight fall at the beginning of the second round!

The match ended with a festive meal at the clubhouse.

A second meeting with the neighbors of Hautes-Pyrénées took place in TC Lourdes. This was a continuation of the regional GAN ​​challenge competition for men over 45. The team, consisting of Jean Hugues de Monléon, Sébastien Sérié and Bertrand Bourjac, had three wins to one in singles with only one loss, two wins in singles and one win in doubles. The team advanced to the regional semifinals. Now they can calmly wait for the deadline for their semi-final and the name of their next opponent.

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