Tennis: “Our dreams have faded”: Ons Jabeur’s defeat in the 2023 Wimbledon final had consequences in his personal life

The documentary “This Is Me”, dedicated to Ons Jabeur, was released on Sunday, January 7. The Tunisian recalls his defeat in the Wimbledon final in 2023 and the impact it had on his personal life. If she had won, the tennis player would have taken time off to have children.

Tunisia’s Ons Jabbeur still regrets her defeat against Markela Vondrousova in the 2023 Wimbledon final several months later. In a documentary dedicated to him on Sunday, January 7, the tennis player looks back on this defeat, which he considers the toughest of his career. Ons Jabeur was defeated in a Grand Slam final for the third time.

A more personal dimension

Wimbledon 2023 will have consequences on Ons Jabeur’s personal life as well as his career. Secondly, he had made a big decision in the event of victory. The woman who wants to become the first African woman to win a Grand Slam tournament says: “People think I have this pressure because I want to do it for other people, but that’s not true. There was something going on with the squad there. If I win that Wimbledon.” “I’ll finally be able to have a baby right away and that dream is gone now.”

A brutal defeat for the Tunisian, who had hoped to put his career aside: “I was terrified. After all, I am a human too, what more can I do? It was the biggest loss of my life.” because it destroyed me emotionally, not only did he win Wimbledon, but the idea of ​​having a baby with the Wimbledon trophy was gone. I think that’s what killed me, Karim (her husband) and I were crying like babies,” Ons Jabeur says in the documentary.

The start of the 2024 season is approaching and perhaps there is an opportunity for Ons Jabeur to realize her dreams: winning the Grand Slam title and having children.

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