Tennis: “To bring a big result” is the Olympic dream of Toulouse residents Reboul and Doumbia

Stade Toulousain Tennis duo Fabien Reboul and Sadio Doumbia have enlisted the services of their Toulouse friends to perform in 2024.

Paul-Henri Mathieu, the new captain of the Davis Cup and in charge of Paris-2024, arrived to take part in the last inter-club match played at the Stade in Boulogne-Billancourt in December. He had long jokes with Benjamin Bonzi and Hugo Gaston. Fabien Reboul, on the other hand, did not dare to question the federal official, but was eager to talk to him about the Olympics and election conditions.

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Everything is going well for Doumbia and Reboul!

Aware that the ministry is seeking a record number of medals while singles players have little chance on clay, the Toulouse resident will dream of seeing two doubles specialists selected, which will increase the field of possibilities for the duo he has formed with Sadio Doumbia. They are not sure if reality matches this dream, but the duo hope to achieve their best result in the Grand Slam (3rd round) at the Australian Open and confirm the challenging 2023 season (first title on the main circuit in Chengdu, half at the Masters 1000 in Shanghai ). ).

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Contacted in Auckland, Fabien Reboul confirms this by announcing the reinforcement: “We decided to travel for weeks with Paul Cayre, who is a stadium manager like us and can play with us during training. He has a good vision for tennis, it is interesting to have an outside perspective and support at the same time. »

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An edit that appeals to others: “According to the program, we will play more and at the same time try to take more care of ourselves physically. We can skip a few Challengers or minor ATPs if necessary to get to the top of the Masters 1000 and Grand Slams. We want to achieve a big result at an important event. “This is truly the 2024 goal.” This is legitimate when you are already part of the global elite.

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