TFC: Damien Comolli said: “I said we will not play the Champions Cup”

The 2023 edition of the Champions Cup, originally planned abroad in August and finally held in Paris in January, had many twists and turns. TFC chairman Damien Comolli even threatened not to object.

It would be an understatement to say that the Champions Cup, boycotted by CUP (PSG fans’ group) and boycotted by NVDRS (TFC fans’ group), is unpopular. So much so that Damien Comolli himself threatened a boycott! The match will finally be played in Paris on January 3, after months of negotiations, back and forth steps and incomprehension from the fans.

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The match between the Coupe de France winner and the Ligue 1 winner, which had been planned to be held in a foreign country since 2009 in order to bring visibility (money) to the league, would this time be played in Thailand. However, the local supporter officially fled due to the ill health of King Rama X’s daughter, and the LFP had to find a return solution. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kenya were considered, but all options fell through.

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Unfortunately, the TFC president, whose one of his wishes was to “promote the club internationally” thanks to this competition. After all, it was the Parc des Princes, where PSG were playing, that caused Toulouse fans to explode. “The stadium was very small and it was difficult for the prestigious team to imagine playing somewhere other than Paris,” said Damien Comolli, who still introduced certain conditions. “The stadium had to be neutral (not in PSG’s colours), the protocol had to be neutral and, above all, the ticketing had to be neutral and be able to offer the same number of seats to fans of both teams. And finally, no Toulouse fans are placed in the visitors’ car park. »

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Conditions that PSG and the League accepted but the authorities rejected, even though the ticket offices were open. This match was temporarily closed after Damien Comolli threatened that TFC would not play the match. “There was so much meanness,” he whispered yesterday.

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Eventually the starting conditions were met again (Damien Comolli praised the efforts of LFP president “Vincent Labrune”) and TFC will be able to challenge PSG. Damien Comolli reminded that sporting justice in Paris and the Parc des Princes remains relative, but “it remains a goal and a trophy”: “We want to win »

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