TFC: When Toulouse new player Yann Gboho was involved in shady ethnic registration case

The 22-year-old attacking midfielder, born in Ivory Coast, will be the Toulouse club’s first player recruited in the winter window. He was affected by racial segregation practices a few seasons ago.

“French”, “Moorish”, “West Indian”, “African”… This was how the players, one of whom was likely to fill the ranks of the youth teams, were classified among France’s biggest clubs in the dark years. : Paris Saint-Germain.

Between 2013 and 2018, members of the PSG “recruitment” unit had a habit of asking recruiters traveling around France to find the best talents to specify the ethnicity of potential gems.

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A filing scandal was later uncovered by Médiapart and Envoyé Spécial. Football LeaksA series of revelations initiated by a European-wide media consortium. Later investigations revealed that the Paris club’s management was aware of the “recruitment” cell’s practices at the time but chose to remain silent.

A classification that only applies to regions outside Île-de-France and is expected to bring greater diversity. Because of this, many young players at the time (teenagers at the time) were set aside by Parisian recruiters because of their ethnicity.

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Among them is a young 13-year-old player from Rouen: Yann Gboho. The same player is now 22 years old and has just been transferred by TFC from Cercle de Bruges (Belgium).

When the incident broke in November 2018, Mediapart claimed that Gboho had been observed by teams of Marc Westerloppe, the head of staff responsible for the inspection carried out in the region (excluding Île de France) in 2014. And on ethnic grounds young Yann was ostracized and left at the disposal of his club FC Rouen.

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Moreover, a dismissal based on a mistake at the time: Parisian recruiters thought Yann Gboho was West Indian, whereas his origins were Ivory Coast. But former Parisian recruiter Serge Fournier, who later went to Le Havre, He gave a statement to France Bleu Normandie He said the youngster’s origins had nothing to do with PSG’s rejection: “If we didn’t sign him, it was because we had classified him as a midfielder and were looking for attackers instead. You should also know that little Gboho, he was the one I wanted to sign at Rennes. “It was complicated for us to get him to sign in Paris. I received no instructions.”

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Finally, Yann Gboho will join the Rennes training center in 2016, where he will take his first steps at the highest level. He has long been regarded as one of the greatest talents of his generation; especially through the ranks of the French U16, U17 and U18 teams.

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