There’s still a long way to go for Caussade and Grisolles

Four days after the end of this first phase, Cassadais And Grisollais, the purpose will be almost the same. Sixth, with 4 wins against 6 losses, Caussadais remain 2 points behind the fourth place, which will allow them to play in the participation group and thus ensure their preservation as soon as possible. It’s a tough challenge to overcome in four games, especially since it will be necessary to play two of the current top three teams.

But young Caucasians have managed to hold their own against big names like Launaguet and the fact remains that they have shown that they have real qualifications, even if they are not paid. It’s up to them to tear it apart again in these final meetings and why not grab fourth place overall.

It is in the last position that Grisollais We will approach this final phase of the first phase. The case for them has been heard, and their place in the future will be the waiting pool. Therefore, Tarn-et-Garonnais, who have shown real progress in their last matches and have given encouraging signs to hope to salvage this season, need to play the next four games to best prepare for the next stage and build confidence. soon. There’s still a long way to go and the Bleuets still have all hope of survival.

Next matches. SA Caussade-Saint Orens, Saturday, January 13, 18:30 at Caussade. Grisolles-Launaguet, Saturday, January 13, 20.30, in Grisolles.

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