Three Muretain clubs train together

Muret cycling club organized a joint trip bringing together 3 Muret clubs: Muret cycling, AS Muret triathlon and Tarahumaras triathlon club. The idea, which the club’s former president Jean Jacques Jolibert thought up a few years ago, did not see the light of day until last weekend. This year, something was done to allow Muretain lovers of the little queen to get closer and do joint training.

Thirty-eight cyclists responded to the invitation. Muretain triathletes, along with their president Marc Chenel, have come to learn how to “rub” the peloton, something they haven’t practiced in the events they run as individuals. A few women were involved in the Peloton. The club’s senior group were unable to attend as they were taking part in the Ramonville 10km race on the same day. According to the triathletes, this training was quite positive because the club’s athletes perform well in swimming and athletics and have some difficulties in cycling due to lack of training. This gap needs to be filled, because if everything goes well, why not repeat this great action once a month?

Safety for the trip was ensured by the cycling club’s assistance vehicle and all participants benefited from a mid-course snack break, allowing them to recharge their batteries for this training on the 80m long Gers trails.

On arrival, all participants were very satisfied and praised the good organization. Thanks to the organizers of the club, driver Jackie Mercier and Nicolas Thémine who mapped the route.

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